Yes, and you will receive the same high quality product from our service. However, ordering copyrighted music requires waiting for permission to arrange and paying the accompanying fee, but we will take care of the details.

We can arrange any type of music you choose, whether from a printed original or a recording.

Music originally for a solo instrument can be arranged just as easily as a piece originally for a large ensemble.

Due to copyright restrictions, music in the public domain gets done sooner and costs less.

Prices of our finished products are listed here on this site.

Custom adaptations of existing arrangements can be delivered in most cases for under $100.

Most arrangements can be completed in a week, though shorter pieces for smaller ensembles can be done within 48 hours.

New arrangements typically take longer than adaptations and cost less. There may be something well-suited to your ensemble that we already have in our repertoire, but we can easily tailor an existing arrangement for your specific instrumentation.

  • You, the creative director in a time crunch, ask us to arrange a piece of music for your specific ensemble and fill out a profile which provides information about your ensemble.
  • We provide a score and parts for a rehearsal-ready selection and then work with you to revise as needed, updating your profile as we go.
  • Future orders for your ensemble are produced even faster and better than the first; the more you order, the better we know your ensemble.

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